Organic production growing and production control is effective


<p>Organic production control helps to maintain consumer confidence in organic production methods and promotes fair competition in the markets for organic products. According to the organic production control report 2011, published by the the Finnish Food Safety Authority Evira, these objectives are being effectively fostered, even in conditions where organic production is growing rapidly. Compared to previous years, there have been no significant changes in non-compliances detected and the resulting consequences.</p>

A notable increase in registrations for organic production control bears witness to the brisk growth in organic production. At the end of 2011, control covered 3,906 farms and other entities engaged in primary production. Control measures were also extended to 487 food product manufacturers. Particularly strong growth was seen in the number of organic livestock farms (+13%), food product manufacturers (+11%) and feed manufacturers (+33%).

All organic farms and companies involved in organic production have an organic production plan, to help them fulfil the requirements set for organic farming and production. Besides being required to prepare plans, all organic farms and other producers must undergo a mandatory inspection, at least once a year. With ongoing controls in place, major breaches of regulations and other non-compliance, such as the use of prohibited pesticides, fertilisers and raw materials, are very rare. However, inspections reveal several minor shortcomings, which translates into a large number of written reminders and requests for corrections.

Legislative measures have been taken to harmonise the basic requirements for organic production, and the related control procedures within the EU.

The organic production control report contains detailed information on e.g. the different types and numbers of breaches.

The report is available at Evira's website (in Finnish):
Luonnonmukaisen tuotannon valvontaraportti 2011

Additional information:
Beata Meinander, Senior Inspector, Evira, tel. +358 400 571 033

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