Plant Protection Products 2009 published


<div>Each year, Evira publishes a catalogue of the products approved for use in Finland that are included in the Plant Protection Product Register. This catalogue serves the needs of the control authorities, advisory organisations, and farmers. The catalogue contains the most important information about the more than 300 plant protection products in the register, including the active substances of the products, the use range, and the classification. </div>

The publication also contains a table on the products authorised in 2008, a list of products that were removed from the register during the last few years, and those that will be removed in the next few years, as well as product name changes. The catalogue also contains contact information of the authorisation holders, and of the authorities and research institutes in the sector.

The publication is appended with the new Act on Plant Protection Products, effective from the beginning of 2007, and a scheme on the new approval system of plant protection products.

For further information:
Senior officer Mervi Savela, Evira, tel. +358 20 77 25187
Senior officer Heini Vainio, Evira, tel. +358 400 990 873

’Plant protection products 2009’ is available from the Evira Internet website in pdf format (in Finnish, 2 MB):
The printed publication costs 25,50 €. You can also download the publication free of charge.

It can also be ordered by e-mail:
or by phone +358 20 77 25104 or +358 400 378 710

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