Plant protection products removed from register must go to a hazardous waste collection site


<p>Evira reminds municipalities, farmers, stores and households that all plant protection products removed from the plant protection product register, as well as obsolete or in some other manner unusable products must be disposed of as hazardous waste.</p>

Plant protection products removed from the register may not be disposed of with ordinary domestic waste, or spread in the environment, but must be taken to municipal hazardous waste collection or treatment sites.

Municipal authorities must arrange for the reuse and treatment of hazardous waste generated in forestry and agriculture as well as households. Municipal waste management or businesses that hold the environmental license required for collection have collection facilities or they organise mobile collection events for this purpose. Information on collection sites and on any charges imposed can be obtained from the municipal environmental protection authorities or the municipality’s website on the Internet.

Only products that are in the register of plant protection products may be used for plant protection. Toxic products must always be stored in a locked place. The products must be kept in their original packaging.

Products that are no longer used may be stored in the same facility as plant protection products that are in use, but they must be kept clearly separated. However, they may not be stored for years. The holder of the waste is responsible for all actions relating to the waste.

Packages that are in poor condition must be placed in durable, tightly closed containers. If the contents of the package are not known exactly, the text “Myrkyllistä kasvinsuojeluainetta. Koostumus tuntematon” (“Toxic plant protection product. Composition unknown”) must be written on the side of the package. Products containing heavy metals such as mercury or copper must carry the text “Sisältää raskasmetalleja“ (“Contains heavy metals”).

Evira has asked municipal authorities to hand out Evira's hazardous waste brochure to e.g. farms and nurseries.

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