Possible routes of entry into the country for African swine fever – Risk profile


<p>African swine fever (ASF) is a highly contagious viral disease that infects domestic pigs and wild boars, and has severe social and economic impacts. ASF is controlled by legislation. The Finnish Food Safety Authority Evira has completed a report on ASF’s possible entry routes into Finland.</p>

ASF occurrence and entry routes

African swine fever has never been detected in Finland. However, there is increasing concern that the disease may arrive here, due to its occurrence close to the Finnish border, in the Leningrad Oblast around St. Petersburg and on the Kola Peninsula in 2011.

The disease occurs in both domestic pigs and wild boars in most parts of Sub-Saharan Africa and Sardinia. Since 2007, occurrences have been reported in the Caucasus region. African swine fever does not infect people, but they can transmit the virus via footwear, for instance.

Possible entry routes include people who have travelled to infected regions, meat or meat products contaminated with the virus, live domestic pigs and sperm, contaminated animal transport vehicles, food waste under international transport, and via an infected wild boar moving into Finland.

Biosecurity on farms plays a key role

The acute form of the disease involves symptoms such as loss of appetite, a high fever, haemorrhages through the skin, bloody faeces and possibly diarrhoea. Death occurs seven to ten days after infection, with a mortality rate of almost 100%.

Because the African swine fever virus is highly resistant and spreads easily e.g. through animals, people and pork products, disease protection on pig farms and increasing awareness of the risks posed by the disease play a key role in protecting Finland’s pig industry from ASF.

  The description in English  can be read in the report.

Further information on African swine fever:

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