Quality of fertiliser products improved on previous year


<p>According to control results, the quality of fertiliser products improved in 2011 compared with previous years. In product control, the quality and contents of fertiliser products were studied from 375 samples with 2,165 analyses. On the basis of the samples, slightly fewer prohibition orders and warnings were given than in 2010.</p>

Warnings were given to 9.1 per cent of the analysis results while the corresponding figure in 2010 was 12.7 per cent. In addition to individual analysis results, Evira’s fertiliser control also issued prohibition orders, warnings and request to take action to the entire product batch represented by the sample.

In product control, a prohibition order for use or marketing was issued to 20 product batches. The most common reasons for the bans were a harmful metal content exceeding the maximum permitted level (in 8 cases) and an Escherichia coli content exceeding the maximum permitted level (in 7 cases). Due to the metal content, six of the banned product batches were ashes meant for fertiliser product use. Five of batches banned on the basis of E. coli were soil improvers and two were substrates. A total of six bans were issued on the basis of salmonella, three of which were based on findings in the entrepreneur’s own checks.

Other prohibition orders were due to the negligence of prior notice in the internal market, and the product’s manufacturer not having approval for the production plant, which is required by legislation.

A total of 57 fertiliser product samples were given a warning due to product labels in 2011. The most common reason was missing or insufficient statutory information on the product label.

The analysis results of the control samples for 2011 are reported in the Finnish Food Safety Authority Evira's publication 9/2012 'Analysis results of fertiliser control 2011'. The publication also includes a list of effective fertiliser product legislation and statistical data on the manufacturing and import volumes of fertiliser products in 2010 and 2011.

The publication on Evira's webpage  (in Finnish)

For further information, please contact:
Arja Vuorinen, Senior Inspector, tel. +358 40 841 9809 (organic fertilisers, soil improvers and substrates)
Titta Suoniitty, Senior Inspector, tel. +358 40 579 6147 (inorganic fertilisers and liming materials)
Ossi Ala-Mantila, Senior Inspector, tel. +358 40 489 3338 (publication)

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