Reduction in cultivated area is threatening the availability of Finnish protein feed of organic origin


<div>The cultivated area of organic peas and rapeseed was significantly reduced compared to 2007. The cultivated area of organic oats, on the other hand, increased by 20 per cent. The area of organic grassland remained nearly the same. The changes in the areas cultivated are affecting negatively the supply of domestic organic protein feed this coming winter.</div>

Organic peas were produced on about 1,000 hectares, which is about one fifth less than in 2007. In Ostrobothnia, however, the cultivated area was increased by about 50 per cent over that of 2007. The production area of organic rapeseed dropped by 13 per cent to about 1,800 hectares. In Pirkanmaa the cultivated area increased by 62 per cent, however. Out of the protein plants the cultivated area of broad beans is increasing, but the total area was only 422 hectares. The reduction in cultivated areas is complicating the availability of Finnish organic protein feed. Organic animal farms should ensure the availability of organic protein feed early enough.

Out of the cereal crops the popularity of oats is increasing for organic production. About 24,000 hectares of oats was cultivated. The cultivated area of organic rye decreased by 20 per cent to almost 4,500 hectares. The cultivated area of organic wheat increased and that of organic barley decreased somewhat compared to last year. The production of bread grains is concentrated to Southern Finland, but the cultivated areas of organic wheat are increasing also in Ostrobothnia and North Karelia. Organic barley is produced especially in Ostrobothnia, but in both South and North Ostrobothnia the cultivated areas are decreasing.

The area of organic potatoes decreased by about ten per cent to nearly 300 hectares. The culti-vated areas of other vegetables and fruit also decreased, with the exception of carrots. Organic carrots were produced on 50 hectares, onions on about 30 hectares and cabbages on over 20 hectares. Organic blackcurrants were produced on nearly 300 hectares and strawberries on 130 hectares.

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