Regional changes as of 1.11.2008 in pathological analyses at Evira


<div>Evira is concentrating the pathological analyses of different animal species to units specialized in the diseases and healthcare of separate species. </div>

The greatest alteration at each branch concerns so-called hobby animals. Pathological investigations of dogs, cats and other pet animals are being concentrated to Helsinki. Another change relates to the branch in Oulu, where analyses of reindeer and wild animals will be concentrated.

These changes will come into effect on 1.11.2008. Samples for pathological analysis are to be sent directly to the branch performing the analysis. Production animals exceeding 50 kg may still be delivered to the branch located nearest.

Pathological analyses of various animal species as of 1.11.2008 at Evira’s separate branches.

The location where samples primarily are to be delivered is written in bold style. Production animals exceeding 50 kg may still be sent to the branch in Oulu.

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