Relief for organic livestock farms as to the rules for the use of feed in the first year of conversion


<p>The upcoming amendment to the regulation permits protein feeds in the first year of conversion produced on the own holding to be used for organic livestock.</p>

The proposal for the amendment regarding the feeding of organic livestock was approved by the EU on June 29th. When the amendment comes into force protein feeds produced on the own holding in the first year of conversion can be used for organic livestock.

Until now, it has only been possible to make use of the feed from perennial forage parcels as roughage during the first year of conversion. The definition of in-conversion products has not been changed, but only feed produced during the second year of conversion is considered to be in-conversion feed. The products from the first year’s conversion still have to be marketed as conventionally produced, which means that the amendment does not concern purchased feed but only the holding’s own production.

The regulation formally comes into force three days after its publication, but in practice the feeding requirement can be implemented after the harvest of the protein feeds of the growing season of 2009. Protein crops in this context are peas, broad beans, sweet lupins, rape seed and mixtures which fulfil the requirements for the protein crop premium.

The amendment relates to article 21 paragraph 2 of the Commission Regulation (EC) No 889/2008.

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