Report on utilization of sludge compost



Evira participated in a two-year research project financed by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry on Developing bioassays to control fertilizers; Promoting utilization of sludge (BIOSLUDGE)(in Finnish Biotestien kehittäminen lannoitevalmisteiden valvontaan; Lietteiden hyötykäytön edistäminen (BIOLIETE)).

The research project encluded the studies on the environmental impacts of organic fertilizers prepared from composted sludge.

More information on the utilization of sludge composts in Uusiouutiset 2009:20  (in Finnish pdf 298 kt).

Additional information:
Senior Researcher Liisa Maunuksela, Plant Analysis Laboratory, tel. 0400 256 097, liisa.maunuksela


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