Research seminar 11.12.2012: EHEC as pathogen: occurrence in foods and the challenges of studies


Senior Researcher Saija Hallanvuo from the Food and Feed Microbiology Research Unit of Finnish Food Safety Authority Evira tells about the occurrence of the EHEC bacteria in food and the challenge this poses to research..

Abstract of the lecture (pdf, 14 kb).
The lecture is in Finnish.

Research seminar is in Helsinki Viikki, Evira House, Mustialankatu 3,
auditorium C111 Kalevi, Tue 11.12.2012, 3:00-4:00 p.m.

For Evira’s research seminars, no advance registration is necessary.


Additional information:
Saija Hallanvuo, Senior Researcher, Food and Feed Microbiology Research Unit,
tel. 040 489 3448.

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