Research seminar 14.6.2011: Time trend – old and new toxins in Baltic fish


<p>Research professor Anja Hallikainen, an employee of Evira's Risk Assessment Research Unit, gives the lecture on the Time trend – old and new toxins in&nbsp; Baltic fish. The research seminar is connected with the results of the EU-fish II project.</p>

Abstract  of the lecture (pdf, 12 kb). 
The lecture is in Finnish.

The report of the project Environmental pollutants in Baltic fish and other domestic fish: PCDD/F, PCB, PBDE, PFC and OT compounds can be read in Finnish, only the description is in English.

Research seminar is in Helsinki Viikki, Evira House, Mustialankatu 3, auditorium C111 Kalevi,
Tue 14.6.2011, 3:00-4:00 p.m.

For Evira’s research seminars, no advance registration is necessary.


Additional information:
Research professsor Anja Hallikainen, Risk Assessment Research Unit
tel. 050 386 8433, anja.hallikainen at-merkki.gif : 1Kb

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