Research Seminar 27.1.2015: Masked mycotoxins: analytical aspects and occurrence in Finnish cereal grains


<p>Alexis Nathanail, Researcher, Evira's Chemistry and Toxicology Research Unit, will lecture on the&nbsp;conjugated mycotoxins and their occurence in Finnish cereal grains. Mycotoxins are molds formed by compounds that can be harmful to the human and animal health. They can also cause economic losses by reducing crop quality.&nbsp;</p>

Abstract on the lecture. 

Research seminar is in Helsinki Viikki, Evira House, Mustialankatu 3,
auditorium C111, Tue 27.1.2015 3.00 - 4.00 p.m.
The lecture is in English.

For Evira’s research seminars, no advance registration is necessary.


Additional information:
Alexis Nathanail, Researcher, tel. +358 50 564 4743


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