Safe soils, seeds and plants for the home gardener’s spring chores


<div>A flourishing garden and an ample crop from the vegetable garden are what every home gardener is hoping for. Successful gardening requires high quality and safe supplies of such materials as soil, fertilisers, seeds and plants.</div>

Ask for the product description for the growing media
Acquaint yourself with the product description of the growing media. There you will find the raw materials, purpose of use, composition, manufacturer and possible importer. Even loose soil should be accompanied by a description of the product.

Evira ensures that the information on the product description for the soils is accurate by way of e.g. nutritional analyses. In addition, growing media can be tested for impurities, number of weeds and harmful plant diseases that may damage the seedling. Evira also determines the harmful metals and the hygiene in growing media and maturity of composted growing media constituents.

Always use certified seeds and seed potatoes
Germination is the most important characteristic of the seeds. The vegetable seed packaging informs about e.g. species, variety, packer, seed category and the date of sealing the package. This text should be found on the packaging: “Seed approved in accordance with EU rules and standards” Minimum quality requirements such as germination have been set out for only some of the species, such as parsley, carrots, beetroot, tomatoes, cucumbers and squash.

If you are not pleased with the quality of the seed, contact the seed supplier. The seed packer or importer is responsible for the seeds matching the labelling on the packages.

By using certified seed potatoes you can ensure that harmful potato pests are not being carried into your garden. Certified seed potatoes are being sold at gardening and agricultural supply shops. You will recognise certified seed potatoes by the official certificate of guarantee.

Good quality plants will not bring pests into your garden
The quality of the plants is crucial for successful growth. Good plants are healthy and clean and they are not permitted to contain harmful pests, plant diseases or weeds.

The plants should root and start to grow when correctly planted in the home garden. There are requirements when it comes to marketable quality of perennial ornamentals, fruit, berries and vegetable plants. With the exception of annuals, nursery plants always have to have a nametag.

Appropriate plant protection
Plant protection ensures the crop even in the home garden. There are different means available for controlling weeds, plant diseases and pests, from weeding to biological and chemical control. For chemical control there are for example solutions and aerosols ready for use especially for the home garden, which are easy and safe to use.

More information on the subject: > The marking requirements for plants and seeds also cover mail order and Internet sales

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