Salmonella found in pig feed from Rehuraisio Oy


<div>Salmonella has been found in the pig feed Yhdistelmä-Tiiviste (protein concentrate) from the Rehuraisio Oy factory in Raisio. The salmonella found is suspected to be of the same strain of Salmonella Tennessee as the strain previously detected on two egg production farms and in the poultry feed protein concentrate Kanatiiviste Herkku. </div>

Rehuraisio’s cleaning and sanitation measures are being extended to include the whole factory. During this time no feed will be delivered to farms from the establishment.

The authorities are taking faecal and feed samples from all the pig and poultry farms to which feed produced on the Raisio factory line 7 had been delivered subsequent to 15.1.2009 (Kanatiiviste-Herkku, Yhdistelmä-tiiviste, Mami-Tiiviste, Poikas-Herkku, Super-Mami puolitiiviste, Kanavilja-Herkku, Kana-Herkku Profit, Sian-Herkku Tiiviste). These feeds have also been produced on the other lines, but the sampling that is now beginning does not concern them. More information is available from the sales personnel at Rehuraisio.

The farms can continue using the feeds until they get replacement feeds.

For additional information, please contact:

Head of Unit Kaija Varimo (feed), tel. +358 40 558 1637
Head of Section Sinikka Marmo (feed), tel. +358 40 7257239
Senior Officer Tarja Root, (feed), tel. +358 40 5725397
Senior Officer Marja Turunen (feed), tel. +358 40 8380214
Head of Unit Sinikka Pelkonen, (salmonella research), tel. +358 400 287061
Director General Jaana Husu-Kallio, tel. +358 400 291 910

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