Science Day by Evira, 25 September 2012


<p>Welcome to listen to interesting presentations about the health and welfare of animals as well as food safety. The Science Day also offers an opportunity to visit an extensive exhibition of posters that cover all the fields of scientific research that Evira engages in. <br /></p>

The Science Day is an open event and no pre-registration is required.

The Science Day takes place from 12.00 to 14.45 in the Evira House, address 3 Mustialankatu Street, Viikki, Helsinki.

Words of welcome, Research Director Liisa Sihvonen

Animal health and welfare (at 12-13.15)
Chairperson Tuija Gadd, Virology Research Unit, Helsinki

EFSA's Scientific Panel on Animal Health and Welfare (AHAW) and the work it carries out
Liisa Sihvonen, Research Director
VHS virus strains in fish in Finland
Tuija Gadd, Veterinary Virology Research Unit
Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae infection in pigs
Mirja Raunio-Saarnisto, Veterinary Bacteriology Research Unit
Infectious hoof diseases of dairy cows in loose housing
Eija Seuna, Veterinary Bacteriology Research Unit
Disease protection level in Finnish cattle, pig and sheep farms
Leena Sahlström, Risk Assessment Research Unit

BREAK at 13.15-13.30

Food safety (at 13.30-14.45)
Chairperson Annikki Welling, Chemistry and Toxicology Research Unit

Work carried out by EFSA's Scientific Panels related to food safety
Riitta Maijala, Animal Health and Welfare Unit
Effect of repeated treatment with medicines on antibiotic resistance in pigs
Suvi Nykäsenoja, Food and Feed Microbiology Research Unit
Mycotoxin research
Martina Jonsson, Chemistry and Toxicology Research Unit
Total Diet Study
Tiina Putkonen, Chemistry and Toxicology Research Unit
Organic contaminants in end products of biogas plants
Kimmo Suominen, Risk Assessment Research Unit

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For more information on Science Day, please contact:
Research Director Liisa Sihvonen
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