Shortage of organic protein feed for ruminants – the feed can be supplemented with conventional feed


<div>The autumn's harvesting conditions and the delays in the deliveries of imported protein feed have caused a temporary shortage of organically produced protein feed. According to Evira's instructions conventionally grown protein feed can be used in organic production for feeding ruminants during November-December, if organic protein is not available. </div>

When acquiring conventionally grown protein feed the operator has to be able to show the inspector that organic feed was not available at the moment of acquiring the feed. During November-December conventionally grown organic feed can be used to a maximum of five per cent of the dry matter originating from farming. Organically produced protein feed has to be used for feeding ruminants before the end of the year, if it will become available as the market situation eases. These instructions do not concern organic feeding of pigs and poultry, as they have their own exceptions for feeding in a transitional period.

Evira has advised the inspectors of the TE-Centres by way of a letter dated 30.10.2008. The legislation for organic farming requires a 100 per cent use of organic feed, but the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry had given an exceptional permit to deviate from the requirement until the end of October 2008. Using conventionally grown feed for ruminants after 1.1.2009 will lead to a marketing prohibition for the product.

For additional information, please contact:
Senior Officer Tuuli Pulkkinen, Evira, tel. 040 849 8325

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