The Colorado Potato Beetle situation remains unchanged


<div>Evira’s monitoring team has not made any new findings of Colorado potato beetles this week. In one of the infestation sites in Parikkala a few adult beetles have been found. On the other two sites in Parikkala and Kesälahti no more beetles have been found. </div>

In conjunction with potato harvesting it is worth checking for any signs of Colorado beetles, as new individual finds could still be made.  At this point in time it is most likely that adult beetles could be found, as the Colorado beetles are currently in the process of preparing for hibernation.  In conjunction with the harvest it may also be possible to find indications of larval activity by noting sites where they have been feeding.   At such sites there is a possibility that the soil below may contain pupae developing into beetles.  The Colorado beetle only hibernates in the adult state, so any possible egg, larval and pupal stages will be destroyed by the advent of the frost.

Contact information for reporting of any findings and photos and information about the Colorado potato beetle may be found on Evira’s web pages at the address:  The general emergency phone number for reporting the findings is 0400 442 209.

For additional information:

Senior Inspector Olli Elfving, Evira, phone 020 77 25048 and 0400 808 522
Senior Inspector Atro Virtanen, Evira, phone 020 77 25047 and 040 7049607




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