The EU has authorized three genetically modified maize varieties and a genetically modified sugar beet for food and feed purposes


The maize varieties
The European Commission has decided to authorize the placing of three genetically modified maize varieties on the market. The maize varieties can be used as food and feed or as ingredients of these. The maize varieties have not been approved for cultivation. The modified maize varieties in question go under the names of NK603xMON810, 59122 and 1507xNK603.

The modified maize varieties NK603xMON810 and 1507xNK603 tolerate herbicides that contain the herbicide glyphosate. The latter also tolerates glufosinate-ammonium. They are also resistant to certain butterfly pests such as European corn borer and species of the Sesamia genus.

The maize 59122 is tolerant to the herbicide glufosinate-ammonium and is resistant to for example the larvae of the corn rootworm.

Sugar beet
The European Commission has authorized also the placing of food and feed produced from the genetically modified sugar beet H7-1 on the market. The authorization does not include beet leaves and small pieces of roots derived from the root processing as it is considered that they contain genetically modified organisms. Therefore it is not possible to produce for example silage from it. Sugar beet H7-1 tolerates herbicides that contain glyphosate.

Authorization procedure for genetically modified products
Application for authorization of a genetically modified product is sent to the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) via the Member State. A scientific panel of EFSA assesses the safety of the product and once the opinion is published the public of the Member States have the opportunity to make comments during a period of one month. Then the Commission makes a draft decision for the authorization or rejection of the product and the application is processed by the Standing Committee and by the Council, if necessary.

The decisions are in force for 10 years. The recently authorized maize varieties and sugar beet are entered in the Community register of genetically modified food and feed. In accordance with this procedure, only one product has been approved previously in 2006, which was the maize 1507 for food purposes only.

More information on the subject
EC decisions
2007/701/EC, 2007/702/EC, 2007/703/EC, 2007/692/EC

The Community register of genetically modified food and feed

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