The pet foods that caused harm in the USA are not on the Finnish market


According to information received via the European Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed (RASFF) in March 2007, a harmful substance was suspected to have been present in the products of a US pet food manufacturer, because pets had fallen ill and died in the United States.  The harmful substance was traced to certain wet products of the manufacturer in question, in all of which Chinese wheat gluten had been used as a raw material. The US authorities (U.S. Food and Drug Administration FDA) have found in their investigations that Chinese wheat gluten that had been used in the pet foods in question contained melamine, which is an industrial chemical. Melamine has also been found in rice protein concentrates and in maize gluten of Chinese origin. In addition, melamine has been found in limited amounts of pig and poultry feeds in the US.

None of the pet food batches that have been reported to be harmful have made it to the Finnish market. In addition, as a precaution all of the wet pet food products in question that contained wheat gluten, regardless of batch, have been withdrawn from the market by the importer.

Feed mixes for production animals or wheat and maize gluten used in the manufacturing of feed mixes have not been imported into Finland from the US or China. The wheat and maize gluten used in Finland comes from Central Europe. Rice protein feeds have not been imported into Finland.

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