The results from animal welfare inspections 2011 are now available


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Still many shortcomings on fur farms in 2011 - situation on pig farms improved

In 2011, systematic sampling-based animal welfare inspections were carried out on a total of 545 production animal farms. Practices contravening the animal welfare regulations were reported on about 28 per cent of inspected farms, like the year before. However, the inspection results showed clear differences with regard to animal species. In the main, the breaches found were the same as the year before.

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Increased number of animal welfare inspections based on suspicion of violation – proportion of breaches unchanged

There has been an increase in the number of inspections based on suspected animal welfare offences in recent years. However, despite the higher number of inspections, the proportion of offences found during the inspections has remained unchanged. On average, approximately one inspection in two based on suspicion of violation leads to official action.

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Compliance with animal welfare regulations has improved in animal transports

In 2011, a total of 387 animal transports involving over 908 000 animals were inspected. Violations of animal transport legislation were detected in 16 per cent of these. The number of non-compliances remained almost unchanged from the previous year and the result was the second best in the twenty-first century. As in previous years, almost half of the non-compliances detected in animal transports were related to deficiencies in documentation required by legislation.

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