The results of animal disease and identification control from 2011 are now available


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Rabies the most frequently suspected severe animal disease in 2011 - Finland remains rabies-free

Rabies was suspected in 26 pet animals, and also, in one cow, one fox, one raccoon dog, and three bats. None of the suspected cases were diagnosed with rabies. Finland remains rabies-free. Anthrax was suspected in cattle or sheep in nine cases, and bovine leukosis in four cases. Evira received in 2011 a total of 69 immediate reports of suspected cases of animal diseases under regulatory eradication. They were all investigated and no new diseases were diagnosed.

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Horses travel - do diseases? 

Serious equine diseases have spread alarmingly in Europe in recent years, and there is a growing risk of their arriving in Finland. Horses are imported into Finland also from areas outside Europe where information on the incidence of diseases is often less comprehensive. In addition to horse imports, the spread of infectious diseases in Finland is increased by the active international horse-racing scene and other equestrian events. To safeguard the health of Finnish horses, it is increasingly important for the importer to ensure that the animal fulfils the import requirements.

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Checks on Animal Identification and Registration Intensified in 2011

The checks on animal identification and registration revealed serious breaches to a larger extent than in previous years. Efficient risk analysis helped focus the checks on holdings which had apparent shortcomings in complying with legislation. It is necessary to carry out checks on animal identification and registration in order to safeguard food safety and to control animal diseases.

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