The season has finished for the Colorado Potato Beetle


<div>The Colorado potato beetles have burrowed into the ground to hibernate during August, which means that the beetle season has now finished. Due to the west-southwesterly airflows in June the beetles could not spread to Finland. This means that the two colonies found in July were isolated cases and the beetles in these have been destroyed.</div>

In the period 1998–2007 there were a total of 519 findings. The worst years were 1998 and 2002, when beetles spread far and wide with the airflows in Southeast Finland. The findings have been destroyed, and the beetle has not been able to establish itself permanently in Finland. However, the risk that the Colorado potato beetle might spread will still be there in the summers to come as the warm summers of the last few years have assisted the increase in numbers of the beetle in Russia and the Baltic countries.

Evira is finishing the reporting on the Colorado potato beetle for this year, and thanks all of the parties for the work done to prevent the spread of the Colorado potato beetle. The active presence of the media has been of special importance and the farmers' reports of their observations have been of great help in the discovery of the findings.

Any sightings of hibernating beetles in conjunction with the current potato harvesting have to be reported immediately to the agricultural department of the TE Centre or to Evira’s Plant Protection Unit.

Contact information for the reporting of any sightings and pictures and information about the Colorado potato beetle may be found in Finnish on Evira's Internet pages:

For additional information, please contact:
Senior Inspector Olli Elfving, tel. 020 77 25048
Senior Inspector Atro Virtanen, Evira, tel. 020 77 25047

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