The use of a plant protection product for strawberries in Finland has not been shown to be harmful to health


<div>The plant control product that goes under the name of Signum has been authorized in Finland to be used for the control of grey mould and powdery mildew for a fixed period of time. In addition it is also permitted to use it on fruit trees in certain municipalities. The Swedish press is making a fuss about the use of the product as especially the residues on strawberries of the active substance, boscalid, is feared to cause a danger to foetuses. According to the assessment by the Finnish Authorities, the use of the product is not harmful to health and no new research related to the subject has been done.</div>

The National Product Control Agency for Welfare and Health (STTV) issued an opinion in the autumn of 2005, in which it is stated that the use of the preparation is not harmful to health. Based on the examination of the residues, the acceptable daily intake (ADI value) is not exceeded when adhering to the quantity to be used and the withdrawal period as set out in the instructions for use.

The sales permit for the plant protection product in question is valid for a fixed period of time, as the authorization procedure for one of the active substances, boscalid, has not been completed by the EU. The authorization for a fixed period of time was granted on 20.3.2006 and it is valid until 20.3.2009. Germany has compiled an assessment report on boscalid for EU decision-making.

Denmark has assessed the Signum preparation for a Nordic-Baltic co-operation project and has classified the preparation so that there has to be a warning in the text on the packaging “May be harmful to the foetus”. The new Danish research mentioned in the press does not exist. Based on all of the research material available to all of the member countries, Germany and Finland, for example, have not considered this classification to be necessary, as the results detected in the research on foetal defects is only noticed with doses that the user and consumer will not be subjected to under normal conditions. The product is classified as very toxic to water organisms, and this is why it is not permitted to use it within 25 metres from a watercourse. A limitation of this type is relatively common with plant protection products. The instructions for use have to be adhered to when using any plant protection products.

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