The weather conditions are favourable for the Colorado Potato Beetle


<div>This week’s warm weather has favoured the multiplication of the Colorado potato beetle. New infestations of the Colorado beetle have, however, not been found. At the location where they were found in Kesälahti last week, it was found during this week’s control operation that pupae had burrowed into the soil. The finding shows, that the beetle exists in its different stages of development, and new findings may emerge during the weeks to come. Evira’s monitoring team treated the infestation by heating up the soil, which is the only way to destroy pupae that have burrowed into the soil.</div>

It is still likely that new Colorado beetle infestations will be found. The longer the warm weather continues, the faster the multiplication and spread of the beetle will be. In addition, the Colorado beetles will spread into new areas with the air flows from any possible thunderstorm fronts.

Evira’s monitoring teams are continuing the surveys in the areas of Southeast Finland and North Karelia for the time being. Any potential sightings or suspected infestations of Colorado beetles are to be reported to Evira’s plant protection service or to the TE-centre’s plant protection inspector. The general emergency phone number for reporting the findings is 0400 442 209.

Additional information for reporting of any findings and photos and information about the Colorado potato beetle may be found on Evira’s web pages at the address:

For additional information:
Senior Inspector Atro Virtanen, Evira, phone 020 77 25047 and 040 7049607
Chief Inspector Ville Welling, Evira, phone 020 77 25072 and 040 7764502

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