Tike’s final information on the grain harvest and Evira’s quality analysis: 84 percent of the rye and half of the wheat is of bread grain quality


<div>84 percent of the Finnish rye fulfilled the quality criteria for bread grain. For the wheat harvest the proportion was half, which was clearly higher than in 2006. The proportion of malting quality barley was also higher than in 2006. The information is based on the 2007 harvest information collected by Tike and Evira. </div>

Plenty of regional variation in spring wheat

406 million kilograms of the wheat harvest fulfilled the quality criteria for bread grain. Of this, 360 million kilograms was spring wheat and 46 million kilograms winter wheat. The protein content of the spring wheat was higher than in the previous year, increasing the proportion of the bread grain quality harvest to 56 percent compared with 42 percent last year. The proportion of bread quality grain from the winter wheat harvest also increased on the previous year. However, there were large regional variations: In Uusimaa 45 percent of the spring wheat harvest was suited for bread grain, whereas in Varsinais-Suomi the proportion was 83 percent. The corresponding figures for the winter wheat harvest were 4 percent and 40 percent.

70 million kilograms of rye suited for bread

The proportion of bread grain quality rye was about 70 million kilograms, i.e. 84 percent of the entire rye harvest. The average falling number of the rye was lower than in 2006, which reduced the proportion of the bread grain quality rye by about 10 percentage points.

216 million kilograms of malting quality barley

The protein content was lower than in previous years, thereby increasing the proportion of the malting quality malting barley. 42 percent of the entire malting barley harvest fulfilled the quality requirements for malting. The most malting quality barley was produced in Varsinais-Suomi and in Häme.

Feed grain harvest of good quality

A little over one billion kilograms or 71 percent of the feed barley harvest had a hectolitre weight of over 64 kilograms. The proportion is 19 percentage points lower than in the previous year. In Varsinais-Suomi the proportion was 93 percent, but in Pohjanmaa it only reached 60 percent.

The quality of the oats was at the previous year’s level, measured as hectolitre weight. 93 percent of the oat harvest exceeded the 52 kilogram hectolitre weight quality requirement of the feed industry, and 31 percent exceeded the 58 kilogram hectolitre weight required for milling oats. The most milling quality oats were produced in Etelä-Pohjanmaa about 83 million kilograms, which is 46 percent of the entire oat harvest of the region. Regional variations in the quality of oats were less pronounced than with other cereals. 

This press release combines Tike’s harvest information and that from Evira’s quality analysis of the grain harvest. Tike obtained  the harvest information by random sampling of about 5,800 farms. The Tike sample also included the 1,700 farms from which Evira requested grain samples for determining the grain quality information. Almost 5,700 farms replied to the Tike crop production statistics and Evira received grain samples for quality analyses from over 900 farms. In the statistics, the crop areas refer to harvested areas: the completely failed sown areas that farmers have reported to the authorities, as well as the area harvested for fresh feed, have been deducted from the sown area.

For additional information
Table: Grain quality 2007 (pdf, 100 kb)
Evira publication: Finnish Grain Quality in 2007 (pdf, 2 MB)

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