Tips for a safe and delicious holiday


<p>The food associated with the Christmas holidays is often an important part of the festivities. Refrigerators are filled with ingredients and tables are laid heavy with prepared foods. Food is also given and received as gifts. Good hygiene, an unbroken cold chain, and correct handling and storage are the cornerstones of safe holiday feasting.</p>

At room temperature, bacteria causing food poisoning will multiply quickly and the shelf life of foodstuffs will be shortened considerably. Store foodstuffs that require cold storage at lower enough temperatures and remember that different products require different storage temperatures. For example, fresh fish must be stored in the coldest part of the refrigerator, at no more than 3°C.

Make sure to heat properly all the food that is to be served hot – traditional casserole dishes should be warmed to over 60ºC and all meats should be done all the way through. Serve only as much food as will be necessary for a single meal. If food sits out at room temperature for over 4 hours, it should be thrown away.

Remember that the cleanliness of your hands, tools, worktops and storage areas is the key to avoiding food poisoning. Food poisoning bacteria does not always give off any smell or taste. Do not use products that have exceeded their ‘use by’ date. Please note that some products, like vacuum-packed gravlax fish, pose a listeria risk for certain risk groups like the elderly.

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