Trader has obligation to indicate country of origin of fruit and vegetables


<p>The country of origin of fresh fruit, berries and vegetables must always be indicated. The wholesaler, distributor and seller have the obligation to provide this information. Buyers should stay alert, as vegetables can be falsely claimed to be Finnish for financial gain.</p>

When sold unpacked, the country of origin must be indicated on the for sale sign for all fresh berries, fruit and vegetables. The country of origin is the country in which the product was farmed.

The indication must be clear, either ”Finland” or ”Finnish”. The Finnish flag, the ”sirkkalehti” symbol (seed leaf symbol) or the word ”domestic” are not adequate indications.

For packed products country of origin to be indicated on packaging

The country of origin must be indicated for all packed berries, fruit and vegetables on packaging boxes and cartons with a lid.

The name and address of the packer must be indicated on the packaging of strawberries, apples, lettuces, tomatoes, paprika peppers, pears, peaches and nectarines, citrus fruit, kiwi fruit and grapes. For the sake of clarity, it is advisable to indicate the packer also on other packed vegetable products.

Report suspect origin indications to health inspector

The name and the contact information of the stall holder must be clearly displayed at the point of sale.

If you suspect the origin of vegetables, contact the food control authorities in your own municipality (often the health inspector).

Food Safety Authority Evira as well as the Centres for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment carry out random inspections to verify that the required information is provided on fruit and vegetables and that their quality meets the marketing standards.

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