Twenty new varieties accepted into Finnish plant varieties list


<p>The Plant Variety Board has accepted 20 new plant varieties into the 2011 revision of the Finnish list of plant varieties. Eighteen of these are feed and turf grass varieties and two conservation plant varieties. Seed production is in Finland only allowed from varieties included in the list of varieties either in Finland or in some other EU member state.</p>

The inclusion in the national list of varieties is also a demonstration of the suitability of the variety for farming in Finland. The inclusion of a variety in the list of conservation plant varieties demonstrates that the variety is of value to the protection of genetic resources. The Finnish list of varieties, which is maintained by Evira, does not include any genetically modified (GM) varieties.

The conservation plant varieties accepted for inclusion in the list of plant varieties include Heljä oats, which is a variety that has black hulls and is farmed in Elimäki, as well as Joppe winter rye, which originates from Orimattila.

New additions to oil plant varieties are Tamarin and Brando spring rape seeds. Brando is a hybrid variety and both varieties come from Sweden.

The Danish Skagen wheat accepted in the list is a winter wheat variety.

Toria comes from Norway and is a new six-rowed barley variety. German novelties Sunshine, Posada and Grace, as well as British Propino are two-rowed barley varieties.

New varieties introduced by the Finnish company Boreal include Mirella oats, Jermu pea and Camilla camelina ( Camelina sativa). Jermu is a field pea with yellow seeds. Camilla is the first camelina variety in the list of varieties.

Finnish meadow fescue variety Klaara, tall fescue variety Swaj as well as timothy varieties Lidar and Switch are the new feed plant varieties accepted in the list. Swaj and Switch come from Sweden and Lidar from Norway.

New turf plant varieties were also accepted in the 2011 revision of the list of varieties. The three new varieties – red fescues Litango and Charme, and smooth-stalked meadow-grass Linares – have all been developed by the Danish-German company Euro Grass.

The following varieties were removed from the list: SW Wikingett barley, Wildcat rape seed, and turf grass varieties Rainbow, Wesley, Felix and Darwin.

The decisions of the Plant Variety Board are published in the Finnish Plant Variety Journals on Evira's web site > Publications > Plants > Finnish Plant Variety Journal

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