Varied parts of the seed trade will be monitored in 2009


<div>Evira’s targets for the monitoring of next year’s seeds are seed production, seed packaging establishments and seed suppliers. Seeds intended for home gardeners will also be monitored. Only certified seed can be marketed in Finland. </div>

The seeds on the market are strictly monitored in Finland. The main targets for the seed monitoring for the following year are selected by Evira annually before the end of September. The monitoring is risk based and when selecting the targets the results of the monitoring from the previous year are also taken into consideration. Every stage of the seed production chain is monitored.

The monitoring is amongst other things targeted at the seed lots of cereals, grasses and clovers, seed potatoes and vegetable seeds intended for commercial use. In addition, small seed packages marketed for home growers are monitored.

At Evira’s regional premises in Loimaa all of the seeds produced in Finland are certified and the seed production chain is monitored. Evira is working with the assistance of the TE-Centres and municipal authorities. The Customs monitors the seed imports. The Seed Trade Act regulates the operations pertaining to the production, packaging and marketing of seeds.

For more information please contact:
Senior Officer Kristiina Sulkonen, Evira, tel. 020 77 25327
Senior Officer Ritva Vallivaara-Pasto, Evira, tel. 020 77 25320

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