Year 2012 List of veterinary surgeons published


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Finnish Food Safety Authority Evira has published the List of veterinary surgeons 2012.
The List contains veterinary surgeons licensed in Finland, veterinarians with a specialist's degree in veterinary medicine, and veterinary students with temporary authorisation to practice as a veterinary surgeon. Also veterinarians with temporary authorisation to provide the services of a veterinary surgeon in Finland on a temporary and occasional basis are included in the List.

Contrary to the previous practice, the List does not provide contact information on veterinary surgeons or the names and contact information on municipal and provincial veterinarians. Contact information on municipal and provincial veterinarians can be found on Evira's website at  Evira > Animals > Veterinary services

The List is based on the Register of Veterinary Surgeons maintained by Evira. The public information service provided by Evira also utilises the Register of Veterinary Surgeons. The information presented in the service is updated on real time. The information service (in Finnish) is found at
Evira > Esittely > Toiminta > Eläinlääkärintoimi > Eläinlääkärirekisteri > Julkinen tietopalvelu

The List of veterinary surgeons is sent free of charge to the Regional State Administrative Agencies, pharmacies and pharmaceutical wholesalers. The List is also available at a charge.
The List of veterinary surgeons can be ordered at
Evira > Julkaisut > Eläimet > Eviran julkaisusarja

For more information, please contact
Anita Venäläinen, secretary, Legal Affairs Unit, tel. +358 50 555 3982

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