Zoonoses in Finland 2000–2010 -report published


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The Zoonoses in Finland 2000–2010 -report is now available in English. The purpose of the report is to provide summarized information about the sources of zoonoses and zoonotic agents in humans, food, animals and feedstuff in Finland in 2000–2010. 

The report, compiled by the Zoonosis Centre, was published in Finnish in 2011 and it is based on information originally collected to the zoonosikeskus.fi-website. 

Zoonoses are infectious diseases transmitted between animals and humans. The Finnish Zoonosis Centre is a collaboration network consisting of experts from the Finnish Food Safety Authority Evira and the National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL). The monitoring of zoonoses, food-borne outbreaks and antimicrobial resistance is coordinated through the network, along with the organization of information gathering and publishing of monitoring results. 

Download the Zoonoses in Finland 2000–2010 -report (in English)

For further information, please contact: 
Head of the Zoonosis Centre Saara Raulo, tel. +358 40 825 0261, saara.raulo  at-merkki.gif : 1 kB evira.fi

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