Research seminar 13.12.2016: Recirculation Systems in Fish Farming

8.12.2016 11:25

Researcher Anna Maria Eriksson-Kallio, who works in the Production Animal and Wildlife Health Research Unit of the Finnish Food Safety Authority Evira, lectures on recirculating aquaculture systems. They have become a significant new method of aquaculture. Recirculating aquaculture systems are gaining popularity in Finland as well.

Abstract on the lecture in English.
The lecture is in Finnish.

Research seminar is in Helsinki Viikki, Evira House, Mustialankatu 3,
auditorium C111, Tue 13.12.2016, 3.00 - 4.00 p.m.

For Evira's research seminars, no advance registration is necessary.


Additional information:
Researcher Anna Maria Eriksson-Kallio, tel. +358 50 439 2788


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