Research seminar, 20 November 2018: Dangers and risks of chemical compounds found in foods

13.11.2018 12:17

Lecture by Research Professor (PhD) Pertti Koivisto of Finnish Food Safety Authority Evira on the harmful properties of chemicals found in food

His presentation will discuss the concept of chemical dangers and risks and explain how the levels of safe concentrations of chemical substances in foods are defined. He will provide a few practical examples mostly on non-acutely harmful chemicals.

The research seminar will be held in Viikki, Helsinki, at the Evira House, Mustialankatu 3, Hall C111 from 3pm to 4pm on Tuesday, 20 November 2018. The seminar is in Finnish.

The seminar is open to all and does not require preliminary enrolment.


For further information, please contact:
Senior Researcher Pertti Koivisto, tel. +358 40 481 1595


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