EU request for information

This is a Request for Information. This document is not a procurement announcement, not a request for quotation, not an invitation to negotiation, nor will its publication start a tendering process. This Request for Information is submitted as part of a preliminary study and a market survey.

Finnish Food Safety Authority Evira (hereinafter Evira) aim at ensuring food safety, promoting animal health and welfare, and developing the prerequisites for plant and animal production, and plant health.

Evira requests information of potential service providers for maintenance and repair services for liquid chromatography (LC), gas chromatography (GC) and mass spectrometry (MS) instruments as well as for some other detectors. Evira is searching for a professional service providers that can guarantee a high standard of quality. The instruments are manufactured by several manufacturers (see appendix 2), and the aim is to enter into an agreement with one or more service provider in the autumn of 2017. Evira expects one service provider to service all instruments of the same manufacturer. Service provider must be able perform both maintenance and repair service.

All the instruments are used for research purposes and are situated in Evira's main location in Helsinki, Finland (Mustialankatu 3, 00790 HELSINKI). The service should be provided in Finnish or in English (preferably in Finnish). The service provider shall provide technical support by e-mail and phone during normal business hours.

General Terms of Public Procurement in Services Contracts are applied to this contract

The service provider is entitled to use subcontractors with Evira's consent. Evira is not committed to order any specific maintenance service quantities from the service provider.

The service provider's service shall fulfil the following requirements:

1) Preventive maintenance services of LC, GC and MS systems including replacement of normal wear and maintenance parts provided yearly or every second year

2) Repair services (on-site repairs for non-functioning instruments)

Potential service providers are asked to attach the following descriptions for the RFI:

1) Short description of the company (see appendix 1)

2) Two (2) references from similar maintenance and repair services

3) Anticipated cost of the maintenance service per year (exclusive of value added tax, VAT 0 %)

4) Anticipated cost of the repair service per hour and cost of travel expenses (exclusive of value added tax, VAT 0 %)

5) Anticipated maintenance requirements including need for spare parts or other specialties by each instrument.

6) A list of spare parts (see appendix 1)

Appendices 1 - 2 of this RFI will provide accurate description of the expected service. Appendix 1 contains more information of this RFI and a list of requirements for the service providers. Appendix 2 contains a detailed list of instruments and expected service level by each instrument.

This Request for Information does not bind Evira to make any procurements based on this request. Participation in this Request for Information (RFI) does not bind any party in any way in a potential future Request for Quotation (RFQ). Service providers who refrain to participate in this RFI are equally allowed to participate in a potential RFQ. Evira will not pay for any work related to this Request for Information nor for the potential technical dialogue.

Any questions concerning this Request for Information should be sent by email to: Mark the message as 'QUESTION: Request for Information, dnro Evira/854/0071/2017´.

The questions must be submitted not later than 13.2.2017. Evira will respond to the questions on a best effort basis by 20.2.2017. Questions and answers will be sent to all participants.

Companies interested in the matter are requested to send response to this RFI by email by 27.2.2017. Service providers are also requested to attach descriptions as said before and its references (no less than two (2) references, which cannot be older than three years beginning from 1st Jan 2014) and price indications. The message should be marked as 'ANSWER: Request for Information, dnro 854/0071/2017' and sent to: The questions and answers may be submitted in Finnish or English. If the material submitted to Evira includes trade secrets, the service provider is kindly asked to mark this information as "Confidential". Confidential information shall be submitted as a separate appendix.