26.-28.10.2011 Risk Assessment - 10th Anniversary Seminar

Riskinarvioinnin 10 v. Juhlaseminaari 26.-28.10.2011

Keskiviikko 26.10.2011 (First day seminar language is Finnish)

Seminaarin avaus
Tuula Honkanen-Buzalski, Evira

Riskinarviointi Evirassa 
Kirsti Savela, Evira

Riskinarviointi ja kansainvälisyys 
Riitta Maijala, Evira 

Jaana Husu-Kallio, Evira

Mikrobiologinen riskinarviointi
Pirkko Tuominen

Kvantitatiivinen riskinarviointi elintarviketurvallisuudessa
Jukka Ranta, Evira

Eläintautien riskinarviointi 
Heidi Rosengren

Eläintautien riskinarviointi
Tapani Lyytikäinen, Evira

Kemiallinen riskinarviointi
Anja Hallikainen, Evira

Thursday 27 October (Seminar language is English)

Session I. Risk Assessment of Microbiological Food Safety

QMRA by farm to fork modelling. The fate of Bacillus cereus in a cooked, pasteurized and chilled food. Part I. How to model the food pathway? Part II. Which distributions for the inputs? Part III. How to validate?
Isabelle Albert, INRA-Unité Met@risk, France

Session II. Risk Assessment of Animal Diseases

Rapid qualitative risk assessment tool for infectious animal diseases
Helen Roberts, DEFRA United Kingdom

Friday 28 October (Seminar language is English)

Session III Risk Assessment of Chemical Food Safety

Food additives and nutrient sources
Hugues Kenigswald, EFSA

Cumulative exposure assessment
Polly Boon, RIVM Netherlands

Session IV Risk Assessment Methodology

Risk assessment methodology
(I) Evidence Synthesis Begins Here 
(II) Pooling and Meta-analysis
(III) Model-based Synthesis
Anthony O'Hagan, University of Sheffield, United Kingdom